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Connecting travellers who care with responsible tourism organisations struggling through the Covid-19 crisis

Give today, go tomorrow

Tourism organisations that make a difference to people and the planet need your help.

Travellers around the world are being encouraged to stay home today, travel tomorrow. This is responsible advice during the Covid-19 crisis, but will have a negative impact on communities, organisations and places that depend on tourism. 


We know that many of you at home are concerned for the people and organisations that make going on holiday so special. We want to help you find and support them. Give today, go tomorrow and help create better places for people to live in and for travellers to visit.


Give today, go tomorrow and make a donation to an organisation that relies on income from tourism to benefit people and the planet in one of your favourite holiday destinations, or one you would like to visit in the future. Our purpose is to help organisations that are now in need of urgent support to fulfil their social or environmental mission.

Our partners include social businesses that help underprivileged youth, organisations that support community development, and NGOs that contribute to wildlife
conservation and environmental
protection. Find out more about them below.

By giving to one of these organisations, you will ensure their important work can continue and you will be able to return to beautiful and cared-for places. We connect you to our partners’ donations page and all your money will go directly to them. Our goal is simply to help you find those currently in need.

Our tourism partners in need

CLA was founded in 1998 by musician and genocide survivor Arn Chorn-Pond. Initially focused on preserving endangered art forms and rituals, CLA works to promote creativity and innovation in Cambodia’s arts sector. It provides scholarships, fellowships, and support to talented artists and arts leaders; builds links with neighbours in the Mekong region; and gets more arts and culture education into Cambodian public schools.

Donate now

Your Help is Urgently Needed. Save Patara Elephant Farm.

Your Help is Urgently Needed. Save Patara Elephant Farm.

Dear all, Your Help is Urgently Needed. Save Patara Elephant Farm. Taking care of elephants is non-stop. Every single hour and day these magnificent elephants need care and feeding from us. Quite simply put, it takes quite a lot of money for their feeding, care, and maintenance of our staff to keep this operation going. The recent global Coronavirus is having a big affect on our ability to survive. We sustain our operation through our guests visiting and experiencing the elephants every day. People are not visiting, travel has stopped and we are deeply affected by massive cancellations and tourism lockdown. 100% of your donation will support directly to 77 elephants including mothers and newborns, the male elephants with potential, to maintain over 100 dedicate and hard working staff on site and farmers and villages involve. We are offering a few ways for you to help us survive this global crisis. 1. Donation 2. Buy 1 get 1 free voucher for future visits to Patara Elephant Farm. On our website you will find information for step by step process to send money to help either way. We know that you care about our well-being and we have never had to ask for help until now. Please consider helping us so we can continue to take care of these Global Citizens.From the entire team at Patara Elephant Farm we thank you in advance for your support. #pataraelephantfarm #savepataraelephantfarm #elephant
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