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in Laos

100% of donations go towards our trips

Our day trips in Laos take place near Luang Prabang, the picturesque UNESCO-protected town sitting at the confluence of the sacred Mekong River and Nam Khan (Khan River). 


Access to education for handicapped children or those with learning difficulties is limited in Laos. This leads to already disadvantaged communities becoming even further socially marginalised, often forced into lives of poverty due to a lack of opportunities.

Our mission in Luang Prabang is to help deaf and mute children from northern Laos have access to more opportunities by taking them on a day trip with a difference!

Day trip with a difference

in Luang Prabang

Morning - Mini farm tour & activities

Laos Buffalo Dairy, a sustainable farm and social business 30 minutes outside of Luang Prabang, organises a mini farm tour for the children in the morning. Activities during the tour include learning how the pigs, rabbits and goats live, feeding and cleaning the animals, learning to milk buffaloes and feeding their calves.

Girl feeding calf_cropped.png
Cooking & Lunch - Dairy delights

After the mini farm tour the children get busy cooking delicious items using farm produce, such as buffalo mozzarella cheese and ricotta donuts. Then, they sit down for a meal that includes all the snacks they helped cooked, along with a lasagne with ricotta sauce which is sure to be a new and tasty experience for all of them. 

Afternoon - Main farm tour & activities

After a filling lunch it is on to the main farm. Following a short tour, the children get their hands dirty working with the Laos Buffalo Dairy team to understand their daily routine of washing the buffaloes, feeding them, re-filling their troughs and learning how to care for their health. 

Buffalo home.jpg

Your contribution, however big or small, will help make a difference to the lives of

deaf and mute children in Laos.

A donation of $25 will support one child to join a day tour with a difference.

100% of donations go towards the day trips as all administrative costs are covered by us. 

Young people we support in Luang Prabang

Apprentice weaving.jpg

Our NGO partner in Laos is the Luang Prabang Special Education School. The school opened in 2008 to provide proper education to deaf and mute children from northern Laos. Our day trips have been created to complement the education these children receive at the school by providing learning opportunities outside of the classroom. 

Luang Prabang Special Education School provides education and a home to around 80 deaf and mute children who are unable to attend regular schools in their home towns and villages. Not only do these children receive an education, older students can also access a three-year professional training program to give them the skills required for employment. 

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