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in Central Vietnam

100% of donations go towards our trips

Our day trips in Central Vietnam take place around Danang, the 'third city' of Vietnam which is scenically located along the beautiful coast between the popular tourist destinations of Hue (to the north) and Hoi An (to the south). 


Despite the remarkable development of Vietnam over the past 30 years, more than 60% of the population lives in rural areas where rice farming is the predominant livelihood of the people and entire families live off as little as $1-2 per day. This has driven much of the population into extreme poverty. 

Our mission in Vietnam is to create opportunities for children from impoverished backgrounds to have eye-opening and inspiring experiences by taking them on a day trip with a difference!

Day trip with a difference in Danang

Morning - Dong Dinh Museum

The children and staff from Kianh Foundation travel 1 hour by bus from their school in Hoi An to Son Tra Nature Reserve, close to the city of Danang. The day trip commences with a visit to Dong Dinh Museum, a unique cultural space set in beautiful forest (not your typical museum setting!). 

Lunch in Son Tra Nature Reserve

The children enjoy a tasty picnic lunch packed in biodegradable paper lunch boxes, prepared by our fantastic partners in Danang Mud Bistro. Son Tra Nature Reserve provides a unique setting very different to where the children normally eat lunch. 

Afternoon - Green Viet Education Centre

After lunch, the group moves on to the educational part of the day with a guided visit around local conservation NGO Green Viet's Nature Education Centre. This is a a community-based centre with plenty of information and exhibits about the local environment and wildlife.


Your contribution, however big or small, will help make a difference to the lives of

impoverished children in Central Vietnam.

A donation of $25 will support one child to join a day tour with a difference.

100% of donations go towards the day trips as all administrative costs are covered by us. 

Young people we support in Danang


Our NGO partner in Central Vietnam is Kianh Foundation. The organisation runs its own school and therapy centre in Hoi An with the mission of transforming the lives of children with special needs. They provide families with the support they need to allow them to keep their child within the family and not give them up to an orphanage or other institution. 

Since 2010 Kianh Foundation has provided full time education placements to over 150 children, physical and communication therapy to over 200 children, outreach services to over 200 families, and trained and employed over 50 staff members to work with children with special needs.

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